As a Church of England School we strive to cater for the needs of all members of our school community (children, parents, staff, Governors) and the wider village community in a caring Christian ethos. We seek to provide an education that is underpinned by values of a sense of community, an understanding of local and global diversity and compassion in our behaviour to each other. We firmly believe that strong links between the different members of our community provides us with the best possible opportunity to succeed.
We believe that the following Christian Values should underpin our work; Love and compassion; justice; equality; service and stewardship; peace and forgiveness; generosity and thankfulness.
We ensure that all of our learners are given opportunity to strive for personal excellence whilst supporting the needs and feelings of those around them. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed, and that as a school we will strive to identify the areas of potential for each individual member of our community. In order for that potential to be achieved we will provide an environment in which members of our community are happy, safe, comfortable, motivated and valued. Only then can learning flourish.
We will ensure that, through our teaching, members of our community will be taught the skills required to learn independently. Members of our community will be given the opportunity to identify their own learning preferences and to work using them. They will be empowered to think creatively to solve problems
As a school we value what each member of our community can bring to each other and the school as a whole. We value the contribution that all can make in terms of nurturing confidence, friendships and social interaction. We will ensure that everyone in our school is encouraged to develop their sense of responsibility to the communities that they are part of.