St Giles Academy is part of the New Dawn Multi Academy Trust along with Hartsholme Academy, Woodlands Academy, Eos Teaching Alliance and East of England Teacher Training Centre.

The vision of the Trust is…

Achieve beyond potential, raising aspiration for all.

All means All.

The vision of the academy is…

Have a passion for life. Chase your dreams, challenge yourself and believe that anything is possible.

Have a passion for life.

We want our children to feel ready to take on new challenges. To feel proud of who they are and this fantastic school. Our children are passionate about their learning and we want to help make them independent, creative thinkers.

Chase your dreams…

Dreams are important, they are ambitions for the future and something that our children can aim for. If they are willing to work hard, our children can achieve anything they want!

…challenge yourself

Sometimes the work our children do is difficult. We want to challenge them so that their understanding improves. St Giles is a safe place to make mistakes. We have high expectations for our pupils and want the very best outcomes for them.

…and believe that anything is possible.

We want our children to have the confidence to take on any challenge without fear of failure or regret. They have exciting futures ahead of them and our aim is to help prepare them for this in any way we can!

David Milner – Head of School