Mrs. Mary King’s School was founded in 1753 when the lady of that name gave land and set up a charitable trust to provide a school to teach the children of the parish “reading, writing and the common prayer.” Our children still learn reading and writing every day, prayer remains important part of collective worship.

Nowadays, the school serves children from a wider area including the villages of Timberland, Martin Dales and Thorpe Tilney. We also have a number of children who come from villages outside our catchment area such as Billinghay, Woodhall Spa and Walcott. Those who live in our catchment but more than two miles away are entitled to free transport to and from school. Although we are a faith school, we are open to all, and children of all faiths or none are equally welcome.

Our School Aims can be viewed on the “Our Vision” page of this website. Our philosophy is that we aim to provide children with as broad, exciting and relevant an education as possible. Some of this involves preparing them to take statutory assessments, but we value other aspects of education just as much. To this end, we teach many things which are additional to the National Curriculum. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing the personal and social skills of our children so that they quickly become confident, articulate, tolerant and polite. Through the school council, they also learn about the systems of democracy and have a genuine role in the running of the school. We value all successes that children demonstrate, not just in the accademic subjects, but also in the arts, sports, community work etc.