Welcome to our school

At our school, we want all our children to be happy, responsible, caring and self-reliant individuals. We want to help them to develop lively, enquiring minds and to learn to appreciate and respect our world and its people.

We ensure our school’s curriculum engages all the children with their learning and provides them with the necessary “keys for life” in the world of today.
If you are interested in your child joining our school, do please contact us to arrange a visit and have a look round.

If your child is already part of our school, you will be able to keep fully informed of what is happening in school on our web site. Do remember that we have an open door policy, which means you can contact us when ever necessary.

Childhood is a very special time and nobody gets a second chance at it. Together, we will do our very best to make it as happy and successful as possible for your child. We hope that in later years your child’s memories of St Peter at Gowts Church of England School will be some of the best years of their life!

Charlotte Hickerton