At Corringham CE Primary School all members of our community have the right to feel safe and happy, be cared for, feel respected and valued. Children are engaged in a challenging and stimulating curriculum and staff are supported in developing their skills and practice. We believe in life long learning and that all can achieve. High standards are expected in every area of school life underpinned by Christian values.

Aims and Values:

We aim to:
• Provide a creative curriculum that is enjoyable and challenging
• Create an environment in which all feel respected, cared for and valued, demonstrated through our strong Christian ethos
• Work in partnership with parents, carers, the community, other agencies and the local church
• Recognise and celebrate achievements of every child, giving every one an equal opportunity to succeed
• Promote inclusion, tolerance and understanding including that of other cultures, traditions and religions
We value:
• Our ‘family’ atmosphere, and maintain this through good relationships and attitudes
• Our Christian ethos and heritage, which permeates through every area of school life
• Our commitment to high standards as we continue to strive for better
• Our links to the church and the wider community.