One of the largest surveys completed of British Homeowners and Tenants has highlighted that more than a third of those occupying private rented accommodation believe that they will never be in a position to purchase a home.

Whilst 15% of those surveyed identified that they are saving for a deposit with plans to purchase a home in the future, the research has identified that this often is a long term goal with many tenants living in rented accommodation for more than 5 years.

The survey also identified that whilst the majority of occupiers are choosing to rent due to their affordability, the property being located in a good area to raise a family and the house becoming their long term family home were also popular reasons why tenants are renting within the private sector.

The survey completed on behalf of the Aviva insurance group will no doubt give confidence to existing Landlords and perspective investors alike, with the knowledge that the demand for the accommodation within the private rented sector is likely to remain strong.