Paying Rent

Your tenancy agreement will detail the amount and frequency of rental payments. You should ensure that your rent is paid in full and promptly. Failure to meet your rental payment obligations is in breach of your tenancy agreement and is likely to result in legal action and the termination of your tenancy agreement.

My Tenancy Deposit

A Tenancy deposit is paid by the tenant to the Landlord / agent prior to taking occupation of the property. Deductions can be made from your deposit at the end of the tenancy as detailed within a tenancy agreement. Your deposit will be registered with an approved Scheme during your tenancy.

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Property Maintenance

Property maintenance issues are principally the responsibility of the Landlord during a tenancy. As the tenant, it is your responsibility to maintain the internal and external condition of the property and to report any maintenance issues to the Landlord / Agent as soon as possible. Call 01522 556099 or report a maintenance issue at your property.

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Property Inspections

Property inspections are commonly completed during a tenancy to check on the condition of the property and to ensure that the tenancy is being conducted in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

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Terminating My Tenancy

A tenant is required to provide one month’s written notice to coincide with the minimum fixed term of the tenancy agreement or at any point during a periodic (month by month) tenancy thereafter. Written notice should be submitted to our Lettings Office (Grantham Street, Lincoln) and should identify the last day of your tenancy.

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Moving Out

On your vacation day, your keys will need to be returned to our Lettings Office (Grantham Street, Lincoln). The property should be clear of all your belongings and be fully professionally cleaned before you return your keys. You should ensure you have a check out appointment scheduled for your vacation day or soon after, to organise your deposit return.