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Mundys Sales, Lettings & Commercial teams who are working remotely we will not be available on Sundays. In the event of an urgent maintenance issue, you should call 01522 556099 and select the appropriate option to be transferred to our out of hours emergency maintenance team. Our phone lines will be open as normal from 9am – 5.30 Monday to Friday and from 9am – 3pm on Saturdays.


COVID–19: Guidance for Tenants

2nd April 2020


Our offices are closed to the public, but our team are continuing to work from home.

Our phone lines are open from Monday – Friday 9 am – 5.30 PM and Saturday 9am – 3pm. We will be temporarily closed on Sunday’s.  Out of hours emergency maintenance can be reported in the normal way.

We aim to complete as normal business as possible, in consideration of the Government guidance. Tenancy inspections cannot be completed at this time.

Recent Government Guidance

 On 18th March 2020 the Government guidance provided welcome protection to Tenants, meaning that Landlords cannot commence new possession proceedings for a property.  This follows wider recognition of the implications of Covid-19, particularly on the income of individuals and households.

It is important to highlight that the guidance does not encourage Tenants to stop paying rent. A Tenancy Agreement will remain valid and therefore your obligation is to pay your rent in full.

The Government guidance highlights the requirement for Landlords and Tenants to work together to make a payment plan for rent, during the immediate period affected by Covid–19 and thereafter.

Our Recommendations to Tenants


  1. The Government have provided a number of schemes that will provide financial assistance to individuals and households. You should ensure that you investigate what assistance may be available to you and make the required application as soon as possible. Please see the below links to help.


Furloughed Worker Information



Statutory Sick Pay



New Style Employment and Support Allowance



Universal Credit



  1. We would recommend that Tenants and homeowners review their household budgets and cut expenditure of discretionary and luxury items and budget for the essential costs only (food, accommodation, Gas, Electricity, Water and Council Tax). You should think about the position of your personal finances, your capability to assist others, or for family or friends to assist you.


Property Maintenance & Safety Certificates

 It remains that Safety Certificates that are required in accordance with legislation need to be completed. This will be organised in the normal way. If you or anyone within your household are displaying symptoms the inspection will need to be postponed until a period of required isolation has passed.

Property maintenance will still be completed in the normal way. Non urgent maintenance will not be prioritised during this time to ensure that contractors can focus on urgent matters.

Rent Payment Queries

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your rent, please discuss the matter with our team. We will communicate this with your Landlord and can arrange a payment plan if required.

Other Information

Up to date Government Information; https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

COVID – 19 Guidance for Households; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance

Mundys Lettings Contact Details;

Telephone; 01522 556099

Email; lettings@mundys.net

Stay Home, Stay Safe