See the below checklist of items to complete before moving.

Moving checklist – Before your move date

  1. Confirm your move in date, and times of the sign up appointment and check in appointments
  2. If you are already renting, ensure you have provided appropriate notice to vacate to your existing Landlord
  3. Get quotations and schedule removal firms for the day of your move. If you are not using professional removers, ask friends to help
  4. Notify your existing utility suppliers of your departure
  5. Pack your belongings, getting rid of possessions that you no longer require
  6. Notify your doctor, dentist and optician if you are moving out of the area
  7. Arrange for your post to be forwarded to your new address
  8. If you have children or pets arrange for someone to look after them during your move
  9. If you wish to take out contents insurance, obtain quotes and confirm policy details
  10. Clean your existing property accordingly and confirm arrangements for the return of keys
  11. Read through your tenancy agreement and ask raise any queries
  12. Ensure that cleared funds are available to pay your rent and deposit

┬áMoving checklist – On your move in day

  1. Attend your sign up appointment to pay your rent and deposit, sign your tenancy agreement and collect keys
  2. Visit the property and check through the tenancy inventory before you start to move your belongings into the property
  3. Attend the check-in appointment and ensure that both copies of the tenancy inventory are signed and utility meter readings are confirmed
  4. Contact the utility providers and the local council to confirm meter readings and commence your accounts
  5. Move belongings into the property
  6. Look at the manuals for the heating systems and appliances within the property and set according to your requirements

Days following your move in day

  1. Complete the standing order mandate for future rental payments and return to your bank / building society
  2. Read through documents relating to your Tenancy Deposit and store in a safe place
  3. Contact your Landlord / Agent if you have any queries relating to the property or your tenancy