Can I decorate?

A tenant is not permitted to make any alterations to the property without written Landlord consent. If you wish to decorate you should request consent in writing and identify the specification of the works proposed. Any works completed will need to be to a professional standard and will need to be returned to the condition as identified by the property inventory at the end of the tenancy.

Can I have a Pet?

Tenants are not permitted to keep any pets at a property without written consent being provided by the Landlord. An increase to your tenancy deposit may also be required if consent is granted.

Do I need to get any Insurance?

You are responsible for insurance to protect you own belongings and content at a property. The Landlord will not accept liability for any damage or loss of your belongings whilst at the property, but will be responsible for buildings insurance.

Who is responsible for the utilities?

Unless otherwise specified within your tenancy agreement, you will be responsible for the arrangement of accounts and charges for the period of your tenancy for the use of electricity, gas/oil, water and council tax. It is recommended that you should contact the providers prior to or on the day of your move to set up your accounts using meter readings.

What is my Vacation Date?

Once notice has been received from a Tenant or issued by a Landlord, a vacation date will be confirmed. You are required to vacate the property on this date and should ensure that all contents are removed and that the property is clean and all keys must be returned to the Landlord / Agent.