Investors – There are a variety of ways of using property as an investment. Residential Property, Commercial Property, Land and property portfolios can all be used as an investment. Our specialist and qualified staff will provide expert market advice to ensure that you find the right property investment.

Residential Property Investors

Investing in a property to let is an attractive proposition for many people in the current economic climate. Low interest rates, a good level of demand for rented properties and eased buy to let lending conditions are all factors influencing those considering a residential Investment property.

There are a number of lettings markets to consider that will affect the type of property, location, cost and yield of an investment. Professional Unfurnished, Professional Furnished, Room by Room Letting and Student letting are all examples of sub markets that are currently available.

Mundys can assist you by providing market advice and guidance to help you decide what type of property, what location and condition to consider and estimate rental returns that will be achievable. We can assist you in your property search, property surveys and once your purchase is completed, help you ensure that the property is let as quickly as possible and we can provide assistance with property management too. You can rely on our honest professional advice to help ensure your investment is a success.

If you are considering a residential investment property contact our lettings team or call 01522 556099.

Commercial Property Investors

A commercial property can provide a suitable alternative property investment to residential property. There are certain tax advantages that apply to commercial property that can include an individual office, office block, warehouse/ industrial, retail or leisure properties are all examples of commercial property that may be the right investment for you.

Our commercial team are here to provide information on the market, opportunities and considerations of commercial property, to identify suitable investment opportunities, help to find you the right investment property. Furthermore we are here to provide property surveys and assist with letting and management services once the purchase has completed. Contact our specialist commercial team to discuss this in more detail or call 01522 556088.

Property Portfolio

If you are considering investment in more than one property, we are here to help. Mundys handles the valuation, acquisition and sale of existing property portfolios and can help provide the right advice to you to develop your portfolio over time. Steven Spivey, MRICS is the best member of the Mundys team to discuss any property portfolio matters. Email Steven or call direct on 01522 556093.

Land Investors

The purchase of land can be a rewarding investment for you, perhaps with development potential, or already subject to planning for residential or commercial development. Alternative uses may cover garden land, grazing or farmland.

Mundys can help you find the right land or advise as to maximise the value of land that you already own. Our team provide guidance on the feasibility of planning and assistance in obtaining planning, land valuations and estimations of value of new properties. Contact our development land team or contact Steven Spivey on 01522 556093.

Investment Finance

Our in house independent financial adviser can provide information of the finance packages that are available for investment property. An ideal place to start if you are considering an investment property in the future. Contact our financial adviser or call Andrew Harrod direct on 01522 556086.